C# Part 3 – Drawing Windows Forms

Part 3 of the Basic Programming in Visual C# series shows you how to create basic Windows Forms. You’ll learn about the Toolbox and how to add controls to a form. The video also teaches you various techniques for aligning and distributing controls to create a professional-looking layout. You’ll learn about form and control properties to alter the appearance and behaviour of your forms, and also how to run your application to test that everything works correctly.

C# Part 2 – Working with Projects and Solutions

The second part of this series on Basic Programming in Visual C# explains how to work with projects and solutions. You’ll learn how to create a new Windows Forms Application and how to use the Solution Explorer window to work with the items contained in the project. You’ll also learn how to add and remove items in a project, how to create folders to organise items and what happens when you rename things in a project.

C# Part 1 – Installing and Configuring Visual Studio

Part 1 of this series on Basic Programming in Visual C# explains how to get up and running the Microsoft Visual Studio. You’ll discover how to obtain a free edition of Visual Studio and install it on your machine. The video also shows you how to work in the Visual Studio IDE including tips for configuring the appearance of the application and how to work with the various Visual Studio windows.